What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is an online learning tool which allows students to memorize sets of terms. Several study modes are available which include

  • Flash Cards
  • Scatter (term assignment¬† via drag&drop)
  • Type your answer

Sets of terms are public by default, but you can make your sets private, accessible with passwords or accessible by class members only. For the latter option, you must create classes on Quizlet.
If you’re willing to deal with ads, Quizlet is free. A very reasonable $24.99 per year get you the upgrade to “teacher mode” to get rid of ads, add voice recording and student statistics.


Why do we want Quizlet?

Quizlet is a very interesting option for online instructors who want to raise the level of interactivity in their courses. The variety of study modes available will allow them to shake things up a bit and increase student engagement.

Quizlet automatically compares answers to the correct ones and gives immediate feedback. This makes it an ideal tool to use within lessons. Doing so helps your students verify that they’re taking away the most important concepts from your lesson and are ready to move on to the next. Small challenges included in lessons also help students apply and retain knowledge. Language instructors will especially appreciate the quizzing modes and Quizlet’s text-to-speech ability.

Quizlet is also very quick to use. Creating a set of terms is very fast and efficient, and you can get started in under 5 minutes.

Integrating Quizlet With Teachable: Step-by-Step

While we definitely want to make use of Quizlet, we definitely don’t want to send students to a different site from our course lessons. This would break the user experience and probably confuse our learners.

The question for Teachable instructors is thus: How can we integrate Quizlet with Teachable and show the interactive tools Quizlet offers within our classes? That’s actually quite easy to do, and the following step-by-step guide shows you how:

  1. Create your Quizlet set of terms.
  2. Choose “More” and “Embed”
  3. Select the text in one of several text fields and copy it.
    1. The fields refer to the different study modes available
    2. E.g. if you want your students to assign terms which belong together, you’d copy the text underneath “Scatter”.2
  4. Log in to your Teachable school, and go to your course curriculum.
  5. Create a new lecture in the section where you want to use your Quizlet quiz.3
  6. Choose “Add Text”
  7. Click on the “<>”-symbol (HTML)
  8. Now, paste the text you copied from Quizlet in step 3.
  9. Choose “Add”
  10. Try it out by clicking “Preview”


Here’s an example of type “Scatter”:


Here’s another example of type “Flashcard”:



Additional Hints

  • You can increase the height of your quiz by modifying the “height” parameter of the inserted text:8
  • Don’t modify the “width” parameter, as this might break usability on mobile devices or cause horizontal scrolling (=really, really bad!)
  • You can use multiple Quizlets in the same lecture.
  • The “Scatter” type can be a little hard to use on mobile devices if a large number of terms are used or if the definitions include large pictures. Verify before publishing that your audience can use your lecture as intended!


Too complicated? Hire me for a done-for-you integration!

Wondering what other platforms offer? My free course hosting platform guide has you covered.