Teachable instructors are often wondering how to track visitors and analyze their behavior. The Facebook pixel is a powerful tool for ad analytics and retargeting. Installing it on your own website (e.g. running WordPress) is easy: Facebook gives you a JavaScript snippet (called the “pixel code”) which you copy and paste into your site’s header – done. But what if you’re on Teachable.com? Where should you put your pixel code?

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Many instructors use Teachable.com by redirecting there from their own websites. As soon as visitors leave your website, the pixel won’t be tracking them anymore. Others use Teachable.com in a standalone way, leaving them with the same problem.

So how do you install the Facebook pixel on Teachable? That’s actually pretty easy to do:

  1. Go to the Facebook ad manger, choose
    1. Tools
    2. Pixels
    3. Actions
    4. View Pixel Code
      Screenshot 2016-04-16 11.12.28
    5. Copy the pixel code to your clipboard.
  2. Log in to your Teachable school as an admin.Screenshot 2016-04-16 11.04.32
  3. Choose “Site”, then “Head IncludesScreenshot 2016-04-16 11.04.48
  4. Scroll down past “CSS Includes” and insert the pixel code you’ve copied before.Screenshot 2016-04-16 11.09.37
  5. Save
  6. Install the Facebook pixel helper extension in Google Chrome.
  7. Navigate to your school’s starting page using Chrome to verify your pixel is workingScreenshot 2016-04-16 11.08.46

Track Individual Courses

Tracking individual courses should work by creating a custom audience in the Facebook ad manager and choosing “people who visit any web page that meets the following rules”, where you will then include your course URL:

Screenshot 2016-04-16 11.35.25

I haven’t tested this last step yet due to my lack of a published course, so let me know how it goes!

Voilà. All done.

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Make Your Courses Even Better

So now you know how to track your visitors. Use their visits to improve your courses, cater to your visitor’s needs and sell more courses! How? Don’t guess and waste time! Have your learners evaluate your course! You’ll know exactly what you need to tweak.