Finding Teaching Online Jobs

So you want to teach online. I usually recommend you consider building your own teaching business, but I realize that’s not for everyone.

  • Maybe don’t have a couple of weeks to build an online course.
  • Maybe you need a no-risk teaching opportunity.
  • Maybe this is a temporary side gig, and not a permanent goal?

Whatever your reasons, you want to

  • be a hired contractor,
  • be paid by the hour,
  • get started immediately,
  • Not deal with technology and setup

No worries, has you covered: Teaching online jobs are plentiful.

Here is the biggest list of available companies you’ll find anywhere online. Take your pick!

List of Online Teaching Employers

These links were last checked on October 9th, 2016. Please let me know if you know of a business to add or if you find a link that doesn’t work anymore!

51Talk English in China
Abc360 English in China
acadsochttps://www.acadsoc.comOnline tutoring (wide range of subjects)
Bibohttps://biboglobal.comTeach English Worldwide
BiteABC English in China
Bizmateshttps://www.bizmates.phTeach English in Japan
Cafetalk tutoring (wide range of subjects)
Cambly English Worldwide
CarrotEnglish English in China
Chegg tutoring (wide range of subjects)
Education Clubhttps://ec-edclub.comTeach English in Russia
EF EnglishLive English Worldwide
English-Maniahttps://english-mania.comTeach English via Skype
EnglishHunt English Worldwide
EnglishLeap English in India
Enkulu English Worldwide
EOstudy English Worldwide
First Future English in China
Helphub (not only online, wide range of subjects)
Hiknow English in China
Itutor group English Worldwide
Kampus World English Worldwide
Langland Language Institutehttps://langlandinstitute.comLanguages worldwide
Learner Lane tutoring (wide range of subjects)
Learntalk English Worldwide
Lingoda worldwide
LingualBoxhttps://www.lingualbox.comTeach English Worldwide
Lyngo LLC English in Japan
Nice talkhttps://tutor.nicetalk.comTeach English in China
On Top Englishhttps://www.skypeenglishclassesonline.comTeach English via Skype
Pratify.comhttps://www.pratify.comLanguages worldwide
SameSpeakhttps://www.samespeak.comTeach English Worldwide
SkybelPresent on job boards, no website that can be navigated in EnglishTeach English Worldwide
Spicushttps://spicususa.comTeach English Worldwide
Talk Bean Tutoring (wide range of subjects)
Topica nativehttps://recruitment.topicanative.asiaTeach English Worldwide
TutorABC English Worldwide
Twosigmas English to Chinese Children
US talkhttps://www.ustalk.comTeach English in China
Vedantu online classes (wide range of subjects)
VIP kids English to Chinese Children

How much does teaching online pay?

That really depends on the company. Some online teaching jobs will pay better than others. Common rates are somewhere between USD 5 and USD 20 per hour. You won’t get rich, but on the other hand, your investment is minimal. You’ll be using a computer you have already, and you won’t need anything beyond that. Many companies will even give you instructional material to use, so your time invested will be limited to the actual lesson duration.

Additional Ways To Find Your Online Teaching Job

You will have noticed that most companies offer English training. There’s less demand for other subjects (consider creating online courses instead!), but if you want to, you can find an employer.

If the list above doesn’t contain a suitable teaching online job for you, consider checking out job boards. Online teaching jobs are frequently posted on boards such as:


If you want to teach online, you’ll find an employer. Whether the conditions work for you will also depend on your country of residence and your living costs. Before choosing your company, I recommend checking their reputation on Indeed or Glassdoor.

In addition to teaching online, consider packing your knowledge into online courses you can sell.
My free, 6 week course tells you how!