Learn to Teach Online
in 6 Weeks
Without Fighting Technology

You’re a teacher. You know your subject matter, and you love to teach. However, you may be struggling

  • Getting a job or making ends meet
  • Taking the next step in your career
  • Leading a happy and fulfilled life even though you’re giving your best every day

Teaching online is your way out. This course will teach you how to teach online, and you can start earning money in 6 weeks.

As a teacher, you know a lot and you work hard – but my guess is that you’re not living in a luxury home, and if you want to take a nice vacation, you’ll be saving up for a while. You may be stuck in 9-5 life when you actually need more flexibility. In the past, your opportunities for promotion, finding a more flexible job and making more money were limited. Not anymore. These days, knowledge is worth something, and being able to teach is worth even more.

Teaching online gives you options. Whether you want more flexibility, additional side income or a full-time career teaching online – teaching online is a logical choice for teachers, and many before you have found success. There are plenty of examples of unlikely topics being taught successfully online – writing, mathematics, playing the violin – you name it!

You may love the classroom and you may be sceptical, but let me reassure you: Teaching online is not going to ruin public education and schools. Teaching online also doesn’t need to be a second-rate way of teaching where personal interaction is missing. There are tools you may put in place to establish a classroom-like environment online, and we will talk about how to make online courses great (as opposed to just listing facts online).

There is no reason why online courses should clash with schools and classrooms. You can do both at the same time, or you can move to the online space, and still deliver the same kind of quality (but enjoy the flexibility and income potential).

What we’re discussing in this course, is creating high-quality online courses under your own terms. You’ll be your own boss and you’ll enjoy complete freedom as to your course content. This course will guide you through your progression from what you already know, to becoming a successful online teacher.

Sounds too good to be true? Give it a try! After all, it’s free, and there’s zero risk.


This free, 6 week email course will take you from offline teacher to online teacher in the most streamlined way possible. You will be receiving one lesson via email every week, and if you put in the work, you will start earning money with an actual, published course by the end of week 6.

You will not need to be familiar with technology beyond basic computer usage.



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