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Online Course Platforms for Non-Techies and Solopreneurs 

You’re an online course creator, overwhelmed by technology?

You’re looking for sites like Skillshare and Udemy?

You want the best online course platform, but you don’t know which one to choose?

This meticulous guide presents 19 great online course platforms that will let you get started easily. There’s no technology expertise needed. Course creators will be launching in no time and without any costs upfront.

You’ll be able to do all of this without spending anything. The guide is made for bootstrappers who want to start out on a budget and grow without changing their platform later.

Whether you’re looking for Udemy competitors or sites like Skillshare, you’ll find all of this in the guide.

You’ll save months of research to pick your platform, and you’ll be able to make sure to pick the right one based on the right information.

Get an overview of your options with this video.
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What Readers Say…

More and more solopreneurs are interested in publishing online courses. Gerfried offers a systematic overview of course marketing: Learn which publishing platforms are worth your while, and have a look at costs and revenue models as well as technical components.

Thorsten Kucklick

Founder of and, Blogger, Solopreneur, Ultrapress, Meinspiel, Autaak

Great, exactly what we were missing!! Good job 🙂

Rashel RĂ©guigne

Director of Communication, Educator, Blogger, StudioXine, Blog-de-geekette

This is an awesome resource, it’s bound to help people choose the decision best for
them. Incredibly informative.

I wish I would’ve had it available back when I was distributing my courses.

James McAllister

Blogger, Entrepreneur, Course Creator,

Your course Hosting Platform Guide is an amazing & informative eye opener for a person like me.
[…] I was rather lost with the myriad list of platforms available today and was wondering how & where to begin! Your ebook gave me a clear idea & has really saved me a lot of time & effort […]Your work is really appreciated! […] Your style of keeping it simple, yet detailed is superb!

P Vijay

IT Infrastructure Trainer, RJP Infotek Pvt Ltd

The presentation is pleasant and clear, the content VERY informative, well articulated and nuanced.

I’m a raving fan of your work.

Dr. Nathalie Campeau, MD

Medical Doctor, Writer, Lecturer, Course Creator, You Are Energy, Inc.

 68 pages of comparisons and opinions. This is massive.
 A meticulous, excellent guide.

The instructors of FANEL appreciate all your research. Very useful 🙂

Olivier Rebiere

Manager, Entrepreneur, Writer,

Hi Gerfried,

I thought I’d reach out and say a big thank you for a very well written and informative guide.
I am tired of empty click bait and your guide was actually very helpful.
Matthew Brennan


This guide investigates the best course hosting platforms for

  • Solopreneurs and course creators looking for low-risk, low-cost, high-automation solutions for publishing and selling courses online
  • Course creators with limited technical skills who want to focus on content creation and marketing

The platforms in this guide enable course builders to pursue a DIY approach, avoid the need to spend time on setup and maintenance of technology and eliminate the need for assistance by web designers and programmers.

The presented solutions may work for different target groups and larger organizations and companies, but I have not evaluated them in such a context.


  • The right platforms for bootstrappers and solopreneurs on a budget
  • The quickest ways to sell courses
  • Hosting video courses and quizzes – for free
  • High quality user interfaces but bootstrapping prices
  • Platforms which offer custom landing pages and sales pages
  • Integrations: What’s available, and what isn’t?
  • 19 major platforms – mapped out and compared
  • No technical/IT knowledge required
  • The best premium features
  • Marketing pipeline advice
  • Free PDF Download
  • BONUS Cheat-sheet

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