my top recommended Tools and resources

the Best tools, platforms and resources for digital Solopreneurs and Online Instructors

Pick the right tool for the job, right from the start. 

Below you’ll find the tools and platforms that I believe in. I either use them myself, or I’ve extensively reviewed them.
These aren’t necessarily the cheapest tools – but they’re the ones with the best price/value ratio. Compromises just slow you down. The cheapest tools often make for a steeper learning curve and may end up costing you more.


Some of the links below are affiliate links – if you follow these links and buy subsequently, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you, and you’ll help me keep this website running.

Use the months of research I’ve done: Save time, and select the right tool from the start!

Email Services and Autoresponders

Email marketing is super important if you want to be able to interact with your audience on a regular basis. Doing this reliably and efficiently requires an email marketing service. Here are my two favourites:

ConvertKit is the emailing service for bloggers. It’s modern, tag-based system will save time. Group your subscribers dynamically based on lead magnets, forms and tags. Simple user interface and good support.

Why I like it: It saves you time. Very easy to use, perfectly suited for solopreneurs. Not cluttered, but has the features bloggers nead. A little pricier than some alternatives, but it saves your sanity. I use it for

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ActiveCampaign is the feature monster for solopreneurs. If email marketing is where your focus is, but Infusionsoft is both too expensive and confusing, ActiveCampaign is your tool. Usability is good, but due to the number of features, there’s definitely more complexity than with ConvertKit.

Why I like it: Easy to use, great pricing and a wealth of features. This is my budget and feature recommendation at the same time.  A little more complex to use than ConverKit, but an endless amount of features.

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Hosting Online Courses

If you’ve seen my work, you know that I know course platforms and LMS. I’ve seen hundreds of them. For solopreneur course creators, I’ve selected the two I like the most. Thinkific is a course platform if you want to be independent and sell courses on your own. Skillshare is the most friendly online course marketplace I know of.



Thinkific offers a great course interface, great support, and a really friendly community. It’s focus is on online courses, so you won’t find “web features” such as a dedicated blog function and similar. It more than makes up for in terms of customer service.

Thinkific is my current recommendation for independent online instructors.

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Skillshare is an online course marketplace where the focus is on short, project-based video classes. You won’t find much theory and classroom-like training here. Skillshare is about showing how to do things and applying new knowledge immediately.

Why I like it: Skillshare is a friendly place. Learners are plentiful (a flat rate gets them access to all courses) and teaching on Skillshare has an extremely low barrier. Sign up, and off you go.

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Web Hosting, WordPress and Themes

Well, as online entrepreneurs, we need web hosters. There are cheap ones, expensive ones, fast ones, slow ones, reliable ones, and hosts that are down all the time. Here’s the two web hosts I currently use and can thus recommend:

Cloudways offers cloud hosted servers. The difference to many other services is that getting your (WordPress) website up and running is actually easy. Sign up, and a couple of clicks later you’ll log into your (auto-installed) WordPress installation. You may run as many sites as you want on your servers.

The only downside is that you’ll need to take care of keeping your servers up and running, even if Cloudways makes that very easy.

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Siteground is THE alternative if you don’t want to run your own servers. They offer all the features you might want for very reasonable prices. I’m currently setting up a couple of sites on siteground and – as you know – I love platforms with great customer service. Siteground is one of them.

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ElegantThemes is a greate source for WordPress plugins and premium themes. They’re the developers of the renowned Divi theme and Divi builder which makes it really easy to build a website without writing a single line of code. The great thing about ElegantThemes is that you don’t pay for individual themes. For one flat payment, you get access to all plugins and themes. Build as many sites as you want, without spending money all the time.

By the way: If you want to hire me for a project, I can include ElegantThemes products as part of the project.

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You want a fast-loading website? Use a content delivery network (CDN) to host your files. The best-value CDN I could find is  KeyCDN (Affiliate link).

Creating Videos

Screencasts, recorded webinars, explainer vids or even your holiday movie: If you want to create moving pictures, you need software to help you out.

Camtasia is my favourite video editor. It’s reasonably priced, and your license will work both an Windows and on a Mac. You can do screencasts, editing is easy, and you get plenty of effects. The new version is also offering great performance.

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