Hi, I’m Gerfried and I’m the founder of Soloprenaut.com.

  • I’m a digital solopreneur, but I’m also a corporate department head.
  • I enjoy loosely coupled cooperations between solopreneurs and outsourcing, but I also successfully manage large teams of great people with old-fashioned hierarchies.
  • I used to be a tutor and I’m now a online instructor, but I’m also a life-long learner.
  • I like listening, but I love to provide advice when you ask me for it.
  • I used to be a software developer and IT project manager.
  •  I’ve been called one of 111 “the IT industry’s most trusted experts” on flackbox.com. 
  • When a technical issue is yet unsolved, I stay up at night. When I finally figure it out, I sleep well.
  • I love travelling. My preferred method of travelling is in a campervan. When I travel, my laptop is with me.
  • I love getting things perfect, but I have learned about the value of “good enough”.
  • I’m seriously crazy about windsurfing, but when there’s no wind, I go mountainbiking.
  • I used to be a snowboard instructor.
  • I’ve once gone 90 kilometers/h on a bicycle. I won’t do that again.

Welcome to Soloprenaut.com!

About the name “SoloprenAUT”

That’s easily explained. This website focuses on technology for solopreneurs and solopreneur business ideas. Gerfried is from Austria. That’s the AUT. The name of this site combines the two, while at the same time alluding to astronauts and outer space. After all, don’t we crazy entrepreneurs all want to reach for the stars?

What we do at Soloprenaut.com

1. Technology for Digital Businesses

I love technology. I taught myself C programming during a week of holidays in highschool when I was 15. For fun. Without a computer. Using a book, pen and paper (This was before the time of smartphones and laptops for everyone). You could say I was a little geeky.

2. Online Courses

Online instructors are prime examples of digital solopreneurs, and technology isn’t their only challenge.

In my work as a learning and development head, I have accounted for and supervised the creation of hundreds of courses for thousands of learners. I have managed teams of subject matter experts, eLearning developers and trainers and have successfully applied proven methods and tools.

When I got involved in the online course world in 2015, I was amazed to discover that very little of the knowledge and best practices from corporate eLearning were being used by online course creators.

That needed to change.

I believe that you shouldn’t run an online course business like a hobby, and being a solopreneur is no reason to ignore what we know about how we learn. Being short on time and resources is merely a reason to be smarter about how you run your business.

Soloprenaut.com was started to give you everything you need to build your solopreneur online course business on solid, professional ground.

My technology offer Offer

I can help you figure out technology for your online business.

On my blog, I provide articles and guides about the best technology for digital solopreneurs. I review tools, describe how to use them and write tutorials and guides.

I also create courses about technology.

If you feel left alone due to the self-paced nature of the material mentioned above – fear not, I’ve got you covered.

I also provide help to digital solopreneurs with their technology needs

Services include integrations, migrations, set-up and consulting. 

My online course Offer

I can help you build your online courses and eLearning programmes

  • better (with higher quality)
  • faster and more efficiently
  • with professional tools and methods

Your courses will have a bigger impact on your audience and your success will grow as a result.

Topics include

  • technology and tools
  • online course hosting solutions
  • instructional design and course quality
  • online course quality assurance


Q: Soloprenaut, solopreneur – what’s with the solo? Don’t I need someone with a big team to get results?

A: Solopreneurship isn’t about working alone. At all. It refers to a style of doing business where an entrepreneur consciously decides against traditional company structures (with hierarchies and employees), in favour of loosely-knit networks of partners and freelancers. Outsourcing and cooperations can provide the power of a team while adding a lot more flexibility. Automation is used a lot to streamline processes and move swiftly. Read more about solopreneurship here. 

Q: Consultant Tom claims to have worked with a bazillion fortune-500 companies. Can you match that experience?

A: Well, in other words, consultant Tom came up with an idea, but didn’t have time to stick around. He didn’t need to live with the results he caused. In fact, he probably doesn’t know how much of an impact his ideas had. That’s the nature of consulting countless big name customers.
I stuck around. I followed through. I saw what worked and what didn’t. I had colleagues complaining when a training measure didn’t work. I felt their pain, every day, and I learned what to do about it. I would argue that I have just as much experience as Tom – but of a different quality. Up to you to decide which kind of experience you prefer. 

My Background

With a degree in computer science and positions early in my career as a software developer and IT project manager, my background is technical.
Growing up in a family of teachers exposed me to the world of teaching early on.

My IT knowledge allows me to often find smarter ways to accomplish things and using automation to eliminate cumbersome, manual processes.

I have been responsible for training and certification of a multinational group of companies
for a number of years. Topics of the courses and learning modules created under my supervision range from process trainings to highly technical maintenance classes. Whatever the topic, I have heard “this can’t be taught online”, and in most cases, this claim did not hold up.

Contact Me

eMail: gerfried@soloprenaut.com

Phone: +43 680 1312 975

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